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Welcome to The Laser Nail Clinic!

We provide a patented Laser treatment that kills toenail fungus safely and painlessly.  Our proven and painless PinPointe FootLaser system kills the fungus that causes the disease.  Your nails will grow out looking normal! 

  • The gentle laser light works through the nail
  • FDA Approved Laser Light
  • Fast, Safe and Painless
  • No Anesthesia or Drugs
  • No Harmful UV Radiations
  • Quick and Safe
  • No side effects
  • Does not harm the nail or skin
  • Usually only one treatment required
  • No downtime
  • 88% Effective

Shoes and nail polish can be worn immediately after treatment.

This new patented laser technology kills the pathogens that cause toenail fungus (Onychomycosis).


Dr. Ryan Ferchoff, N.D. and Dr. Travis Thurston, N.D. provide the very latest treatment for fungal infections of the toenails.  The onetime laser treatment takes less than one hour, and has shown to be safer and more effective than current treatment options, such as pills and topical medications.  No anesthesia is required, as it is painless and safe.


Dr. Ryan Ferchoff
Dr. Ryan Ferchoff was born in Wisconsin, and grew up in the Milwaukee
area. He graduated from Ripon College with a degree in biology and
chemistry. He continued on to study Naturopathic Medicine at Southwest
College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe, Arizona.

In Arizona Dr. Ferchoff did his clinical training at the Southwest
Naturopathic Medical Center (The largest Naturopathic medical center
in the country), The Mayo Clinic,  Allergy Associates Clinic, The
Alive Clinic (HIV/AIDS Project in Arizona) as well as other private
practices in the Arizona area.

Dr. Travis Thurston
Dr Travis Thurston was born California, growing up in the Sierra
Nevada’s near Lake Tahoe in a progressive community that supported
sustainable living and natural lifestyles. He relocated to Portland
Oregon, where he completed his Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology and
Biology. He graduated from the National College of Naturopathic
Medicine in Portland, where he obtained his Doctorate in Naturopathic

Travis spent the majority of his practicing career working in mental
health, working with the underserved populations and has a unique
approach to diabetes, endocrine and gastrointestinal disorders. He
spent 3 years in Portland’s OutsideIn working with an at-risk
population doing reproductive and substance abuse care.

Dr. Travis specializes in neurological health, hormone replacement
strategies, and full-body comprehensive care using a integrative
approach, blending the best of modern, Western medicine, along with
traditional European and Eastern medical philosophies. Passions for
Naturopathic Medicine include botanical and nutritional support along
with identifying and addressing the underlying cause of “dis-ease”.


Laser Toenail Fungus Removal in Honolulu, Hawaii

Toenail fungus, or fungal organisms that find their way to the toenails can often thrive and spread quickly the moist conditions, eventually creating a toenail fungal infection, or onchomycosis. Typical symptoms of what we have come to recognize as toenail fungus are:

• Swollen/thick toenails
• Brittle, flaky nails
• Discoloration (brown, black or yellow) or spots on the nail
• Foul odor
• Painful walking

Causes of Toenail Fungus

A variety of factors and conditions can lead to toenail fungus, and some people appear to be more susceptible than others. An abnormal skin pH or trauma to the toenail can make a person more prone to developing fungus. Men and women who do not practice good foot hygiene or who have weak toenails or certain hereditary factors are also more likely to develop toenail fungus.

Laser Toenail Fungus Removal

Toenail fungus may be treated in a variety of different ways. Doctors may recommend a topical treatment or prescribe a more powerful oral antifungal medication. Popular natural remedies for toenail fungus include bathing the feet using a solution containing vinegar or hydrogen peroxide, or using tea tree oil on the affected nails.

Select podiatirsts have new laser treatment for toenail fungus removal, which literally uses lasers to destroy the cause of the fungus beneath the nail, taking just minutes to perform. Laser treatments are pain free and produce remarkable results within a few months, with none of the side effects reported with other oral medications.

Some pro-active steps a person can take to prevent toenail fungus are:
• Wear only dry socks and shoes
• Regular toenail trimming and care
• Avoid going barefoot around public shower or swimming pools
• Avoid sharing towels or washcloths





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Dr. Ryan Ferchoff, N.D. and Dr. Travis Thurston, N.D. and The Laser Nail Clinic serves Hawaii from their office in Honolulu.   Toenail Fungus, Fungal Toenails, Onychomycosis, and Mycosis can be addressed with the PinPointe LaserFoot system.  Treatments such as Lamisil, Penlac, and Terbinafine are replaced by the PinPointe LaserFoot System.


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